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tv   Julius Vs The ANC  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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a five months long battle between i saw linked fighters and government forces destroyed large parts of the city jamila i met two women whose lives have been changed forever for what happened. fatima says there were times when she just wanted to end her life for over her children have been missing for years mom nuts not a dream of them every night a dream that their bodies are odd thing i wake up i scream i cry a fear that my daughters were raped but i know that we just borrowed our children from. fatima is among the thousands who fled when the war broke out. many became separated from their families and they now live in evacuation camps. an armed group inspired by eisel called the mao to to control of marly city last year the fighting that followed lasted five months at least a thousand people were killed and hundreds of thousands more displaced many
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families say they fear they could be arrested i think maybe caught their missing relatives were part of the mounting group. in this mass grave hundreds of unidentified bodies are buried around seventy people are reported missing based on government records but the rights groups say that number is too low it is estimated that hundreds of civilians remain missing to this day but they are unreported because many families are afraid to come forward the process of retrieving and identifying the dead is taking many months many of these bodies are already in an advanced state of decomposition. for those like fatima looking for loved ones hope is all they can hold on to now. is angry she has lost her home and her livelihood and her children are unable to go to school
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she says she never imagined joining protests before but now she feels it's the only way they have to be heard i'm president the police we are do you let us go back tomorrow we let us go home even if you don't give us aid for as long as we can go home we will be ok. the government tries to reassure them they will be able to return home this year but it is not easy the destruction in the city of merari is the most devastating in the philippines since world war two but there are losses that are even harder to quantify. there are prayers to honor the dead some families remain separated despite the end of the war it's a place of both hope and despair. city southern
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philippines. cycling has made landfall in oman bringing strong winds and torrential rains a twelve year old girl was the sixth casualty of the storm is it the coastal city of salalah at least five other people were killed when it devastated the yemeni island of so caught on thirsting dozens of others are missing. reports from. it was the storm before the storm the first signs of cyclonic when it was swept through on friday afternoon many drivers were taken unawares forced to take extra care while braving the rising floodwater to reach home i learned a lot of them was good i saw all these young men in the rain and wanted to give them all right but yes i mean to go home and start a game and muster up the phone i drove all the way from muscat to be here in time to help people during the storm and i hope all will be all right. not to watch out
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for that's pretty profound article flooded with heavy rain and high real party yeah it when we actually front part of the problem was from the way state media issued the assuring messages and returned to safety instructions in the face of the predicted major threat thousands of my knees moved away from the coastline and moved lake areas to higher ground families seeking shelter crowded hooters further inland the government says it's organized infatuations where needed but everyone can see the ominous signs heavy downpours continue with some of the night and winds gusted close to two hundred kilometers per hour getting cyclonic a highly constrained times and people here are worried about the destruction and to me leave in its wake one hundred five dizzier salana southern. northern india is in the grip of a heat wave with temperatures expected to hit forty five degrees centigrade in new delhi by sunday now the searing heat is causing
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a severe water shortages and has already been blamed for at least sixty deaths. in neighboring pakistan is charlotte ballasts. when you hear that a water tanker is coming and you're in a heat wave without water tears are the no spin the battle week now without water in our house what we're supposed to do in the foothills of the himalayas the town of shimla has run out of water resistant so it's like living in an oven where they can cook least learn shower targets of. your suffering from the water crisis the whole community is only one type of comes but it's not enough we do not even get one bucket of water it is not just this area but in other areas as well it has been two to three weeks without water water tank is a being used across northern india but even there says rush and some people are allowed just five liters of water a day in comparison when cape town wasn't around earlier this year the limit was ten times that the risk of water borne illnesses increases when people try to live
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only some fifty liters a day in northern india is seeing that firsthand or. is severing from vomiting diarrhea and fever the doctor has given him injections and put him on a sailing trip now things are better. nearly five hundred kilometers from shimla the morata by district hospital is full of children sick from heat exposure and contaminated water. patients coming here are suffering from a mix of viral and bacterial diarrhea eighty percent of the children coming to outpatient department are affected by seasonal communicable diseases it is my belief that the children of ill due to the rising temperatures or. water shortages are not new in india but climate change is the country cracking under the hottest summers the length of heat waves is increasing last year was india's fourth hottest on record and reservoir levels are at their lowest in a decades leaving drinking water out of reach just when it's needed the most
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shallow ballast jazeera the world's oldest deepest and biggest lake is under threat from invasive weeds lake by col in eastern russia holds one fifth of the all the world's freshwater scientists say weeds of coated so much of the lake floor the plants and some animals have disappeared they're calling for better treatment plants to improve the water quality lots more news on the web sites al jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera recapping our top stories for you exit polls suggest a majority have voted to change island straight to washington and that rejecting a landslide win for those in favor of repealing the country's constitution with sixty eight percent wanting to end the ban on abortion official results are expected on saturday afternoon. so korea is cautiously welcoming signs of progress after the u.s. president on what trump suggested his high stakes summit with the north korean
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leader could be back on trump called it off on thursday but now says he's having productive talks with pyongyang about reinstating the meeting. to see what happens we're talking to them now. it was a very nice day they put out we'll see what happens. now we'll see what happens but while we're talking to them now they very much want to do it we'd like to see what happens brazil's president has ordered the military to clear the highways of truck drivers who are protesting about the increased price of diesel the government has reached an agreement with the drivers union but some are refusing to back down the blockades led to shortages of fuel food and medical supplies the hollywood movie mogul harvey weinstein has been charged by us police with the rape and sexual abuse of two women he turned himself in on friday but his lawyer says he'll plead not guilty for instance career imploded last year following allegations from more than one hundred women. police in the u.s.
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state of nebraska seized fifty three kilograms of the opioid drug fentanyl hidden in a truck the record haul had a street value of twenty million dollars that was enough to kill more than twenty six million people sentinels behind an overdose epidemic sweeping the us killing one hundred fifteen people every day. the u.s. house of representatives has approved a measure requiring the pentagon to investigate whether u.s. troops tortured detainees in yemen hundreds of men have reportedly gone missing in the south of the country after they were allegedly picked up during a search for al qaeda fighters american officials say that u.s. forces have been involved in the interrogation of detainees in yemen but they deny they took part in human rights abuses those are your headlines the news continues here on this channel after talk to al jazeera i will see you very soon top of the hour but i found out.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call her. al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of families that matter to you. out is iraq. really a matter of months into twenty eighteen and it's been full of milestones when it comes to inner korean relations after an especially tense twenty seven thousand on the korean peninsula now there's talk of reconciliation and peace last year north korean leader kim jong un oversaw the testing of a nuclear weapon and short range and intercontinental ballistic missiles in what was the country's most advanced lead in its weapons program to date. kim traded
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fiery rhetoric with the united states president donald trump saying his nuclear button was always on his desk and the goal was to hit the u.s. mainland north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury trump called him little rocket man and said his nuclear button was bigger and more powerful but during a new year's speech kim's tone shifted analysts say it was a sign that the isolated country was being strangled even more by the accumulation of sanctions. in february the leader sent athletes to participate in the pyong chang winter games in south korea they were quickly dubbed the peace olympics. two high profile delegations made history by attending the opening and closing ceremonies. kim jong un sr cameo john became the first member of the ruling
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family to step foot on south korean soil since the korean war she came with an invitation and kim invited the south korean president moon jay in. to come to the young yang if the meeting comes to fruition it would be the first time kim has met with the south korean president since taking office in twenty eleven and kim and president trump shocked many when the agreed to meet in the coming months. analysts say there can be no substantive movement on the north korean issue without denuclearization. in south korea there is enormous hope that a seismic shift in the relationship between the two koreas is afoot. because of all the global attention i believe reunification for the government is making efforts and i think people are rooting for it. but there is also skepticism and
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a wait and see approach. is a priest and an activist who participates in frequent protests that she disagrees with president moon's policy of engagement with north korea she worries he's giving kim concessions without compromises in fact she doubts the legitimacy of moon's presidency she says his predecessor president park geun hay was unfairly impeached and removed from office in twenty seventeen in the largest corruption scandal in south korean history.
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because a cadaver dog major turn mother would you know able to pick it's peer tom-tom are there i'd like to talk a little bit if you don't mind about north korea and the attitudes and feelings that you grew up with with regard to the country later on and to true things even are now under your i wonder you get there when they're twenty nine i'm both overall they were thought pattern jokes had under without a human i get ten an hour some either tell the audience or tenant to kind as a little known book just one cupful countrymen they did go to that there were a pair or two that they're going to make that clear out of us or oh dear another woman and cut up the. milling it but just one pin bts all local to no permanent tear or in the eye of the poor and the more precise so could they do a good toward a hug or to be oh chris all time what do you.
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need on that unearned tumble down a little you got in the queue was hot and then there she will mail wasn't to kanye would have told and then cut out on the senate without even a moment how do you feel about the recent overtures made by kim jong un toward south korea there's been a lot of talk about reconciliation and peace during the pyong chang olympics turning core. in other words another had. to hunt to kind and she go in a satirical cause and i are canards all you want ones head on the says adam though she would you intended an awareness had him that in there or one going on could. go wrong there's a lot you don't. reach didn't. eat hundred toys out on bones how you got on and you know when that other human clone panning it armadale tell you that it isn't and
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what objections do you have to president mondrian's policy toward north korea coup the taunting it is until none turn to either go with you or to monthly minute have to know you know what an injun has. when i'm alone could when a taunting gets njal low can mean who get chewed order or saw what a month how soon then she thought i mean don't. go. on it until we're getting done what i had him either had a manager who we're told here going. to pull you home or you home on top or young men want to so you can then cooperage them back of them either. pack on it had no guess or someone else should be life or home of. pain your last saw power military can and. clung there
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of one hundred s. all per day young iran and. users of the open without you going to mindy upon your own could get they want a chunk to put on where when they. turn and have to know without a provision what i mean what do you think would be the correct approach to tell you go one on one or or no. the committee when you dance had a month. one hundred men run her group here couldn't i laid in with her tonight a one and a long way isn't your home either could mean that a panda has a man and do you think there's a possibility for reunification and if so what would it look like tanya to the manor now or to go to chattanooga his group or your house or you in goa tega in july or go tell you tell me look waterman community
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to mow his young nun soraya tell you told me you didn't you someone to. tell you tony reporter joe tell you mean digital projector so your couldn't when you did amateur you thought to thought the recall had now capacity to me that so take out the north korean issue tell me about what you think are some of the country's most pressing challenges joey. joey jaw. hasn't been an chill. town like it they were there so you can mean that he tom or can put a roof top in will talk with me. but do you feel that there still south koreans that are being left behind when it comes to be. thriving economic development that the rest of the world sees when it looks at south korea. demand
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kitschy or has imminent toyi. you're a cook the meals or indira kannan terrible designer you go through town and dope cocktail and ice and you go closer to man and you guru and i saw turner's hideous august sort o. ye ye. would have been the turn tom and i me that. tell you that i've a want to know guess all tones in luke talk when you don't want to learn that i'll cut there that this one didn't come out that would in that i mean the didn't we. don't know what do you mean sonia. tunder little body couple get them when it leaves the. many young john has never known life without the threat of north korea the graduate student says the time he served in the military gave them greater empathy for his neighbors as the familial ties between the north and south
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grow farther apart people in his generation feel less invested in the idea of or unification their priorities are landing jobs in a competitive economy where youth employment is just shy of ten percent in my primary school we had lots of talks with north korea and we were educated we all do you mean if taishan in those korean lifestyle and then when i. became one with the school student. there were lots of major provocations from north korea in high school we were exposed to those korean military provocations more dan. the talks with north korea well tell me what you learned about north korea growing up my parents were very sympathetic to north korea and they thought they were very small national police think then my peers so when i
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found my peers my friends or. thinking they're going to make it to me about north korea i think myspace is something also pricing to know. would you say that that chasm in terms of attitude still exists today of course when you look at the survey when you contrast between the opinion on the part of north korea and police in twenty's as opposed to those in thirty's and forty's you find that lots of young people are more conservative conservative than. old scene stories and forty's because we had more experience with those korean provocations than talks in dialogues in north korea and i think it still has became packed in the perspectives would you say that at times you felt afraid for your
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loved ones your friends or the country the south koreans were so used to meter strength of north korea that they don't feel insecure about their security situations when north korea launches. japanese people feel more insecure about their security than the south koreans so do you think that north korea would ever attack south korea they might attack in small scale sort of in the entire war did you have drills in school about what to do in the case of an attack if there was an attack here on your campus is there a plan in place for what student should do i was never noticed that happened in my parents' age so my father to. think my grandpa did it to what do you think reunification would look like although some people in my age are opposed to the idea of the unification i think. it's also korean society have consensus
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about the unification is in the constitution to. the peaceful reunification must be preceded by south korean government. there are some radical people who think. military unification is an option but majority of people think the peaceful unification is the only option for the prosperity of south korea north korea should the new could nuclearize in order to. pursue more cooperation with south korea so how do you feel about president moon it's clear he's interested in a policy of engagement with north korea. he's poli sci it's the only option we have both making more engagement with north korea what do you think of north korea where most of the military i was been taught that those
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korean people are not the enemy. the enemy is sort of those korean regime and those korean military. i think there's something important to know that i did research service for twenty one months and this compulsory for all of those men in there when you go to the military you get too exposed to the view north korea is your enemy. this very different from society where you can have different views about those in the square in the gym you said it that the north korean regime is the enemy not the north korean people why do you think that that distinction is important i think that distinction is important because the north korean people or part could be part of korean families which is true for my grandpa grandfather my grandpa has moved from north korea to
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solve korea because he personally opposed to the communism and he's for a lot of war fighting against those korean regime in north korea our grandparents generations. lots of family there are those korean people do you think as time goes on in those ties get farther and farther away it will really shift attitudes about north korea and north koreans it has been seventeen years since i have been separated. i don't have any personal ties with those korean people. so i think that will definitely impact the south korean view of most people in those career so. is the son of a north korean refugees his father founded the tonglen newspaper to serve separated from their loved ones in north korea now sean is this. he says witnessing his
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father's quiet pain and his contributions to the community gave him a sense of responsibility to continue to run the newspaper even as refugees die and readership declines. then. there was a little. all. the new. war more kids. kids. through. cheat on. their tongue on their little.
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junior. year but you're get this into to him with the middle part give me that what are your recollections of what it was like for your father being a refugee from north korea in the society where the whole. thing governed by its putting it in the month. and then couldn't do it again. i mean here when you me do you think growing up that big a north korean refugees and being the son of a north korean refugees you face any kind of intolerance or stigma gone on longer than a month. she hung in there you know. the all the all the. thought . i mean we. seek. more than.
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she don't mean when the. lawyer should be the rich among all the on. war the. equally then go igor one other than all the time throughout the whole thing the whole war what do you know about your family in north korea today. and your monday call we. do the. other one and they're. actually showing it all. part of the. never mind. do not hide your though that you did not kill jesus and the other do him no one you know no more and do not do not when you two when you hear. not wonder. that the one of the largest. could you please tell me about when your father founded this newspaper and why were they on with an. evil.
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than. the. other you know when. they are born you may think other. that they will. be done when the. they will she don't mean time when you get it you will. she don't win all the hindu than your torment. to get pungo wash your cool. we should warn you too little top. pair that hail caution when you put a little girl in the cushion with a woman. who's been with him when you were the one you true to her poor the ways you do will tell you more the ore than the. hurt you can one input there keeping up i told him in the door all those in the divide who are her storm dog intelligence and the clear dog ten more there will.
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always come with a party scene when the could run. for door. with a lesion withered by the look at them with their. even the. local pride in her community how do you feel about the united states and its role in the region and obviously as a big ally of south korea. come don't be with on. building on the idea one and. then a couple in another we do you good and doing that here coming here. the door we don't want your joke or dog. will look at them with one. another as you would reunification look like for you and is it
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realistic to all your own team when the turn and. again in the. one they see it hear it in their will from nida. then told me that here in the war think that he'll be the intermediate. now among. the. more than good athlete that he could get them with then. he will more for them to. get her get your money leader on the jungle. country being to me. to learn. more. to your you could. gun it up with twenty little to idea on.
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how to watch it. with watching with him and one of. them thought. i think i'll get into religion and. tongue good or the. pen that he had that you must. be then told the larger who it is i think the one and. by and how do you feel about president moon's policy of engagement with north korea when. you see whom. we know on paper going to get there than thirty e.-book when you get on the other she don't mean the wonder than. him but you know we sell him. the money. in government.
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we've got the war. done there the pages and you know. we'll walk up going and. carry one and. done for the new get it done and kill it and i think of it i thought oh to the hundred hong kong with all honey. although north and south koreans signed an armistice in one thousand nine hundred fifty three ending the korean war they never brokered a formal peace treaty. during the last sixty five years the hope for reunification has loomed large for the generation that lived and suffered through the war as that population ages and dwindles many and the generations that follow say their priorities are focused in work they want reunification with a denuclearized north korea however they're worried about whether they can ride the
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wave of south korea's dynamic economy many are angry about the ties between the political and business the stablish meds that have brought down a president and landed several conglomerate leaders and government aides with corruption convictions yet it's undeniable the historic and fast moving developments in the last several months have generated optimism among many that this could be a watershed moment in rebooting korean relations. existence . with slavery. of the two thousand and ten. forced into domestic one. deprived of an education
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and to child. child slaves of slavery a twenty first century. at this time on al-jazeera. and put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heat of defeat.


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